LtnFW doesn't work

Why doesn’t my drive get flashed?

I have a Sony DVD RW DW-D22A BYS1
and I want to flash it to BYS3 so it would recognize 16x DVD -R

I open Ltnfw browse and choose my BYS3.bin file choose update and then start
it then says:
Current Status

Programming … Please wait
but it still says DVD RW DW-D22A BYS1

what am I doing wrong??

Try this Flash Utility: :wink:

Latest firmware for your drive is BYS6, [B]Mabee[/B]:

Thanks a bunch Cressida the BYS 6 firmware worked and I didn’t even need a flash tool just run the file! :bow: :clap:

I really appreciate it and now I’m going to enjoy my newly made DVD on a before unknown disc.