Ltnflash & EEPROM

I would like to backup my new 451s EEPROM but I dont know if I should because of the warnings.

I know its dangerous to write something to EEPROM but why is it dangerous to read and save the EEPROM?

Has anyone damaged the drive while taking a backup?

It is not dangerous to make a backup of your drive’s EEPROM data.

"Read/Write EEPROM:

Read this FIRST!!!

1: This feature is not recommended to use, as it’s very dangerous!!"

This is direct copy from Ltnflash usage guide and warning thread…

The warning on ‘reading’ your EEPROM was posted due to the likelihood that you could accidentally write to the EEPROM while poking around in there…
As dhc014 stated, there is no harm in backing up your current EEPROM.