LTN-526D 52X CD-rom driver HELP

Hey I just bought this normal 52x CD-rom from and they forgot to send the driver cd. I have been combing the net forever and can’t find it. Can any of you point me in the right direction for the driver?

Unless you’re running DOS or some weird IDE controller under Windows 95, you don’t need a driver for a CD Drive.

what kind of drivers do u need? i’m pretty sure all u have to do is plug in the drive and it’ll work on its own.

What’s a IDE CD-ROM driver?

Thanks, I am so used to getting driver disks with new hardware that the thought of just plugging in a CD-rom without having to use a driver disk never occured to me. My computer still isn’t fully setup so I don’t know if this will work.

Ari is correct you don’t require a driver to install a CD Rom if you are using Windows 95 and up.

no diver is required… just plug her in!