Ltd165h CH11 not reading DVD+R?

hi pals,
i’ve burned a couple of DVD+R discs (they are budget BulkPaq media so u know they are cheap …) with my NEC ND-1000a burner at 2,4x - now trying to read them back with my lite on 165h CH11 reader is a pain in the ass, better explained:
it takes a very long time to recognize those discs (ca.40sec. against ca.7 secs for a DVD-R disc i have and ca.10sec for a pressed 2layer-DVD movie…) and then the reading is quite difficult with frequents spinup and similar… again, when it works, the reading speed seems to be hard locked to 1x

can this be a feature for the CH11 firmware (latest) ?

again, under Nero CD Speed (1.02) and other softwares these burned dvd+r medias are recognized as DVD-ROM (whereas DVD-R disc is recognized as DVD-R) - i do know of the bit-setting book type thinghie, but just wondering if this could severely impact the reading of my liteon 165h dvd unit

owners of 165h (and maybe 166 who knows) unit, can u post your xperience with DVD+R medias??? tnx

There is definately something wrong with the firmware of this machine (CH11) Using Roxio Easy CD&DVD Creator6 it will tell you that you that irrespective of what disk is in the drive it always recognises it as a DVD-RW Disk, I challenged Roxio on their site and they assured me it was the latest firmware (CH11) that was at fault and not the program, the said Liteon were working on a solution and would be releasing the updated firmware very soon, that was 2 weeks ago, I contacted Liteon or rather JLMS with the problem and filled in a long fault report form and asked for information on any update, still waiting :frowning:

tnx wirral413 for your reply,
to say it all, i do prefer it’s something related to this firmware only, at least firmwares are easy to update, not the hardware :slight_smile:

btw, over at digi’s LiteON unofficiale firmware site
the CH11 turned rpc1 is available since 2 month :eek: long before the official release from 25 march 2003…

now, i assume digi or some other user would have complained, but thus far i’ve seen nothing on the side of ltd165h

mmm? any clue?