LTD163D Win2000



Is it possible to use the R1211 utility patch on windows 2000 machines?

I know there is a command prompt option on startup. Can I just perform all DOS steps here without using a floppy?



If I were you, I would use this tool:

Download it (184 KB) and run.

It will create a bootable floppy disk.

Just copy the Region-Free-Tool on it and reboot from floppy.

This tool creates a pure dos diskette!


Thanks for the file.

I also tried another thing. Since I am dual-boot on WinME(Fat32) and Wind2000(Fat32), I created a startup disk with WinME. Accessed the folder I have in Win2000 where I saved the MTKFLASH and R1211 files.

Rebooted WITHOUT CD-ROM support.
Made a backup with MTKFLASH.

Rebooted WITH CD-ROM support.
Did R1211 2 OFF

And rebooted windows2000. Somehow, I now have a region-free drive. :slight_smile:

However, some said this is not enough for me to play other regions because my bundled PowerDVD also does region checking. How do I fix this? Thanks.


Use the following link and download DVDGenie 4.10 (323 KB):

Install it (Windows) and run.

Select your software (PowerDVD) and select the region/option you want!


Someone also suggested Region Killer.
I am trying it out now. Seems to work well. I don’t have to manually change the region.

I haven’t tested on other regions yet. I will test it probably 2 days from now. I still have to go to the store. :slight_smile:

Thanks again. I’m gonna try DVD genie also.