ltd163D upgradable?

Can you upgrade the firmware from the ltd163 to a ltd165H, or ltd165?

also where can u get the ltd165H?

165H is the only 165 model, and no - they have different components and 165H/166S use 256k firmware and 163 series uses 128k firmware.

I got my 165H from, but I believe has the brand new 166S version and there’s only a couple dollars difference.

what’s the diference between all those drives? They can’t read audioprotections, can they?

Only some revisions of CDS200… The difference is the components inside. The 165 and 166 are also very compact, almoast squarish.

is there a difference in the capablilities between the drives? Could one drive not read a certain protection as well as another variation?

163 and 163D does not read all DVD formats, the 165H and 166S reads everything.
You’re gonna have to ask one of the audiophiles around here regarding what audio-protection it can or cannot read. Or use our search :slight_smile: