LTD163 Wont Read CD or DVD

I have a problem that seems to be fairly common to LTD163 owners in that my DVD-Rom will not recognise anything other than audio CDs. It will not recognise any factory pressed nonaudio CD or DVD, nor will it recognise a CD-R. Its been this way ever since I installed it new 2 years ago. There have been a very few occasions over these 2 years where it would read a CD and DVD but only briefly until the next boot.

The DVD player is recognised in Windows explorer. However when a CD or DVD is inserted, the drive spins up and then does nothing. If I try to access the media in Explorer, it doesn’t recognise it and gives me the message “please insert a disk”.

Both the factory pressed CD and the CD-R are recognised just fine in my Plextor 1210TA CDRW, as is the factory pressed DVD on our standalone DVD player. I have tried this with numerous different CD and DVD media, all with the same effect.

I have pretty much exhausted most of the solutions that I have seen posted. This is what I have tried so far but with no luck;

  1. I have changed IDE cable (both primary and secondary)
  2. Put the LTD163 as the only device on the secondary IDE as master and then as slave.
  3. Put the LTD163 as the only device on the primary IDE as master and then as slave. (my hard drives are on seperate Raid controllers)
  4. Ran both the CDRW and LTD163 on the secondary IDE, once as maser slave then as slave master. (yes I verified the jumper settings)
  5. Same as 4. on the master IDE.
  6. Cleaned the lens
  7. Updated LTD163 to the latest firmware (GH5S); all other drivers, firmware and BIOS are uptodate as well.

None of the above worked and I could not find any other potential solutions on the web except for here .

I did a search on udf and found several udf related files. I dont have any drag & drop software installed (InCD, Direct CD ??), but I do have both Nero 5.5 and Adaptec EZ CD creator installed. I have uninstalled both these programs but I am still having the same problem. However another search turned up two remaining udf files that appear tom be microsoft drivers.

Does anybody have more detail on the compatabilit problem referenced in the above thread between the ltd163 and UDF? I can’t seem to find any other information about it on the web. I think I would like to know before I go about uninstalling any other drivers.


Athalon K7 1.2 GHz
Windows XP Pro SP1
Plextor 1210TA CDRW 1.10

You say it was this way since it was new.

My 163 has been working fine for a couple years, but I noticed recently it’s been a bit picky about recognizing CD-Rs.

Maybe your drive is defective? Can you try it in another PC?

The drive should work just fine–like any CD-ROM drive, with no special drivers or anything.


<You say it was this way since it was new.
Yep, never has worked quite right. Even when I first built the computer and I was running Windows ME… I had the same problem.

<My 163 has been working fine for a couple years, but I noticed <recently it’s been a bit picky about recognizing CD-Rs.

<Maybe your drive is defective? Can you try it in another PC?
Not really, all the rest of the PC’s I have access to are laptops. It could very well be that I have a defective drive… but searching the web, this problem seems to be pervasive. Lots and lots of people complaining about not recognising the CD and DVD media in their DVD drives… especially with Lite-on’s (and especially 163’s). Alot of conversation about the culprit seems to revolve around incompatable udf drivers and readers. But, I havn’t been able to find the specific drivers, or details of how to fix the problem. Anyway if it is a bad drive, I am kind of out of luck now…two years later.

<The drive should work just fine–like any CD-ROM drive, with no <special drivers or anything.
I agree


Well I went and took a look on the newsgroups and didn’t find much except a couple of interesting posts but I don’t think they describe your particular problem.

The first is a case where both drives on the IDE bus are not recognized. Supposedly this was due to missing “filter drivers”.

I don’t know why they would be missing. A motherboard drivers reinstall should have fixed it.

The second post relates to what you mention: UDF. Basically the inability to read UDF formatted discs in the LTD163.

UDF is a file system format–it doesn’t have anything to do with the readability of standard CDs.

You are saying that your drive is unable to work as a CD-ROM drive at all?! Even if you stick in an “AOL” pressed disc for example–it won’t work?

So what did you do with this thing for 2 years–only play audio CD’s?

There is no special trick to make a standard CD reader work. No drivers are needed. If it doesn’t work something is wrong with it.

These days these drives are so cheap–like $30. It isn’t even worth sending it out to be tested–the shipping back and forth would be around $15…

You could get an external usb case and try it in that–even with a laptop. If it doesn’t work–you know for sure it’s a bad drive!


Sounds like a defective drive to me. I have the same model and a 411s, both work just fine and can read the same media. I have the 163 set as my primary master, and the 411s as the primary slave. I have my HD as the secondary master with no slave. The only time the 163 has ever struggled is if I try to get it to read a copied DVD-R while I still have AnyDVD running. If then eject the disc, close AnyDVD and re-insert the disc it reads it just fine. Not sure why.

If it’s still under warranty I’d get it looked at!

Yeah Steve, first DVD I made couple days ago–LTD163 didn’t read as Nero was running–I freaked, closed Nero, drive read fine.

Funny the PI climbed from like 40 to 700 at the end but all read just fine…

Yeah, sure sounds like a bad 163 from the getgo–he’s had it for 2 years never read a CD or DVD–just audio cds!

I have also have this type of problem, It was the last drive they had in shop, 163D and it use to read the cdrs cdrws after a bit of time.

Then it sudently stoped working with any cdr or cdrw, but works with pressed cds, wheter its a AOL, Audio, or pressed DVD.

Wat is this?

I too am out of luck and have no idea wat i can do, I emaild the support but they didnt write much back.

I hate this drive, I use my Litone writer for reading all cdrws and cdrs. (even my back up audio cds)


Hehe, I like your energizer joke! :bigsmile:

Well my LTD163D has been working fine for the two years I’ve had it so it’s not a bad drive.

Did you make sure the CDR/RW you are trying to read have closed sessions on them? CD Readers sometimes have trouble with strangely written CDs.

Otherwise the problem may be that CDR and particularly RW have lower reflectivity than pressed CDs, so a drive with laser problems (weak laser diode, dirty lens, or electronic problems) will have a much tougher time reading CDs–and will fail if the CD is not 100%. The smallest scratch or bit of dust will cause problems.

You can verify this by using K-Probe or Nero tools and reading a new pressed cd. If you have slowdowns and read problems you know the drive is not doing too good.

Luckily prices have dropped and you can get new drives for $30 delivered. Look on and use the keywords “lite-on 166S”. The advantage of the Lite-Ons is that you can use K-Probe and analyze your DVDR quality. Besides, they really are great drives. Every brand has duds here and there.


thankyou very much for your kind advise.

i will get a new one.

any ideas wat i can do with the old one?

i mean anything usefull.

i’ll keep it, might be able to fit it in my cyberhome dvd player, lolz.

i heard that these dvd players use computer drivers not sure, but .



Well since the old one doesn’t work too good now it might deteriorate and not read the pressed discs as well.

I usually just stick old drives in a box and let them take up a chunk of my limited space which is pretty stupid. :eek: However, I plan to sell on the junk on eBay real soon. :slight_smile: It appears that there are plenty of people in the world who are eager to acquire defective electronics–I used to love that stuff before I became a slave to my computer. :rolleyes: Apparently there are some “free” people left. :eek:

If you have the time and enjoy playing with these things (like I do–when I can ignore my computer for short periods here and there) you can try to install it in a DVD player.

You are correct: Some of them are really based on standard PC drives–I’ve actually seen some photos on the web where you can see this. :bigsmile:

Here I just took a look on the web and found one: You can see the standard DVD drive inside. It’s a Technosonic MP-101 DVD/MP3 Player with MPEG4/DivX support:

But of course they may be matched to work together somehow… :confused: But it’s always fun to try!