LTD163 rips audio too slowly


I tried asking this question on the audio forum and got nowhere, so I thought I’d try here.

I have an LTD163 reader and an LTR32123 burner in my primary box (see sig). I have another older box (Athlon 750) with a Plextor 40x SCSI reader and an old Yamaha 6x SCSI burner.

On both boxes, using EAC, properly set up for the respective hardware, the Plexi reader rips audio significantly faster than the Litey. The Plexi rips at about 16x and the Litey at about 3 to 4x. Both are ripping in secure mode. Why is the Litey so much slower? In Nero CD Speed, the Litey rips at up to 50x peak, yet it’s slow as hell in EAC secure mode. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!!

Secure mode is normally much slower.

Plextors is normally superb in secure mode…for a reason or another.

Not tried the LTD163 in EAC, but with most Lite-On writers I’m getting 8-10X average for a full 77min disc with EAC 0.9b4.

Thanks for the responnse, OCF. I was reading on the EAC board’s forum that guys with the LTD163 are getting significantly faster rips than I am, so something is wrong somewhere. I’m going to upgrade my EAC to the latest version and keep trying. I haven’t tried ripping with the 32123, but it may be an interesting experiment.