LTD163 Problems with burned -R ? None read

Drive Liteon LTD163: FW GH5E

Burning drive 832s. FW VS08 and CG2B.

Media Maxell DVD-R with code TYG01.

Strategy: TYG02 at 8X and 4X and TYG01 at 4X.

And there was Ritek G04 -R (shipped with unit) that I burnt with VS01 FW.

Not great burns but they all read in the 832. The 163 just spins and blinks, while it read all the others +R (TY,Prodisc, Daxon) I burnt.

Six DVD -R burnt so far and not one works in the 163, yet any +R disk works.

Now that I think about it, I think someone loaned me some burnt -Rs and they worked. Not sure.

So possibly it is just my 832 doing crappy -R burns. Or my 163 not likeing -R or a bit of both. DVD minefield.

Ok, make that one read now. It appears that my 832 is just producing marginal burns on dvd -R media (currently TYG01). Which after more research seems to be what 832’s do with -R media. I see a restocking fee in my immediate future: :frowning:

832 was doing poor burns, a friends drive didn’t read them either. Replaced with 3500 and all is well.