LTD163 problem

Hi, I’m new to this forum, and joined cuz I’ve got a problem with my drive.

My LTD163 will only read some DVD’s- some seem to work fine, and others, the drive just spins up, and then spins down, then spins up, then down, etc etc. Then windows says there isn’t a disc in the drive.

So, I decided to update the firmware. This didn’t go to plan, and both my CDRW and DVD stopped working. So I used the Mtkflash program, instead of the windows one, and it still didn’t work.

However, I’ve taken my CDRW out, and now only have the DVD in, and it seems to read it ok in windows now (the drive that is), but the DVD’s still won’t read!!! Whats going on?

Oh, and is there any way to save my CDRW? Its an LG GCE-8481B.