Ltd163/gh5e fails cd recognition intermittently

ltr163 fware gh5e has been working flawlessly until recently,now it will not recognise any cd/dvd in drive.then at other times will spin up and work perfectly dae 10 using nero test programme.have cleaned lens many times to no avail.when inserting cd in inoperative mode liteon green light flashes and hardrive redlight flashes 20 to 30 seconds then ceases,windows explorer doesnt see any disc in the drive.all other indicators are normal eg device manager etc. also using liteon 24102b always worked perfectly. any ideas troops?

To me it sounds like your drive died :frowning:

The only suggestion I have is to try the drive in another computer, if it behaves the same there, get a new one :stuck_out_tongue:

My drive still works nice :smiley:

I have the same problem with Liteon 24X.
Before upgrade to new frmwr no problem
Now with 5S54 the drive sometimes fails to recognise cd burned with any frmwr.

you guys have win XP?

yes, I use XP

Can’t really tell why you are having problems, but I’m pretty sure that it would have worked ok with another os…a servicepack will probably fix a lot of problems, don’t think it could be that far away since there is several bugs that needs to be fixed soon.

Some thoughts:

Is the newest ASPI layer installed?
You have any roxio cd-writing programs installed? :Z
Have you grabbed all the updates from windows update?
Is DMA enabled?

I am using windows 98SE, Have tried the drive in another computer and still inconsistently reads.

All different types of CD including music, DVD and burned data will sometimes read and sometimes not read. There is no particular type of CD it dislikes.

Have returned the drive to place of purchase and the techinician suggested I upgrade to powerDVD4 (ho ho :stuck_out_tongue: )

I upped the ante and told him I had uninstalled PowerDVD altogether and it still does it.

Installed powerDVD4 and it still does it.

Convinced the tech (who treated me like an idiot) to persevere with testing.

Seems to me that you are better off with a completely dead drive than one with a problem, at least they take you seriously


:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

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any cd non empty I insert on my liteon are refused and ejected.

i will try to downgrade the firm.
is it a possibility to resolve the problem?

the aspi are ok but i don’t know how to check if the dma is ok.


hey pitone

not enough info to go on… please give as much info on your operating system and the type of drive.

for DMA right click my computer select properties\device manager click the + beside “cd rom” select the appropriate drive … then properties\settings tab and see if the DMA box is ticked.

buona fortuna


I use XP, I have written few lines up.

your idea is good for win98/Me but not for XP :wink:

to check dma in xp instead of selecting the cdrom device select the ide controller, then go to the ‘advanced’ tab. it will show what mode is active.

thank you :slight_smile: