Ltd-166s Udma2/3?

Hey i got my LTD-166S running silent and perfectly but i just noticed the Liteon site says its UDMA 3 (ATA44) but on my WinXP SP1 with latest VIA drivers it only shows UDMA 2

any idea’s to make it UDMA 3?

I would leave it alone and be happy that it’s running in UDMA 2. WinXP has a bad habit of dropping UDMA modes and reverting to PIO mode for ATAPI drives.

Although the Liteon is capable of UDMA 3 (44.4 MB/sec), there will be no performance loss by running in UDMA 2 (33.3 MB/sec). At 48x, the DVD-ROM requires only 7.2 MB/sec bandwidth. Higher speeds can be used only for buffer bursts.

As long as DMA is enabled, the performance of your drive will be fine. :wink:

yeah i had a feeling UDMA 2 was acceptable. Its runnin beautifool :slight_smile:

I just thought i would ask since i have enabled UDMA CDROM Support in bios and its all working correctly … :slight_smile:

Mine is running fine in UDMA 3 mode in Windows 2000. Its quite a nice unit running smoother and quieter than my old 163D LiteOn.

whats the diff between Ultra DMA 2 and Multi-World DMA 2?

and yes its so much quieter than any other DVD I’ve had… I’m wondering what all those ppl where talking about when they said it was loud…

I told a mate yest how quiet it was and he dumped his Pioneer 116 (I think it is) and bought a LTD-166S :slight_smile:

DMA multiword mode 2 is defined by the ATA-2 standard. It has a cycle time of 120 nanoseconds and a maximum transfer rate of 16.7 MB/sec.

UDMA mode 2 is defined by the ATA/ATAPI-4 standard. It has a cycle time of 120 nanoseconds and a maximum transfer rate of 33.3 MB/sec.

UDMA uses double transition clocking, sending data transfers on the leading and trailing edges of each clock cycle. Before UDMA, one transfer was made on the leading edge only of each clock cycle. This change is resposible for the doubling of data transfer.

In addition, UDMA also introduced cyclical redundancy checking (CRC) to ensure data integrity at high transfer speeds.