LTD-166S RW Speed-Limit-Removed Firmware

Humble request to the Dangerous Brothers: I use my drive mainly for file storage & transfer. In fooling around with your overclocked firmwares (cudos for providing, by the way) I noticed that among your many firmware choices the RW speed jumps all the way from 8X to 12X w/nothing in between. In Nero DVD SPEED the transfer speed graph for 8X is nice & stable, but the one for 12X bounces all over, even though it’s a little faster overall @ transferring files. It seems like a 10X choice might be a happy medium, but I haven’t seen one among your many firmware choices. Would this be possible for you to include w/out too much trouble?

Many thanks for all your hard work!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :bow:

Tommy E

I’m not TDB, but I think I’ll answer this one. :wink:

Most people haven’t had trouble with RW at 12x. In fact, I run my RW at 16x. Plus, 10x is barely faster than 8x, which kinda makes the whole thing not as worthwhile… But if you really want 10x…

Actually, before you go running off to try 10x attached to this message, you should first try changing the booktype from -ROM back to +RW. I know that in my laptop’s LiteOn slim drive, it has similar trouble reading +RW discs that are booktyped to -ROM, and once I revert back to +RW, all will be fine. Although I have not observed this kind of behavior for the 166S or the 48161H, it is something that is worth trying.

PS: Unless there is additional demand for 10x RW, I will not add 10x RW to the release packages. Since the patched DVD-ROM firmwares are done by script anyway, it’s not much trouble, but I think that the packages are already oversized as-is, so I’m hesitant to increase them them to a 24-file (and 40 MB uncompressed) package. (73.1 KB)

Here are the results with +RW Booktype @ 8X, 10X & 12X. Are these results abnormal or do you think the drive is faulty?

My apologies for mistaking the firmwares author & thanks very much for getting this up so fast!!

With these results, it still looks like I’m better off @ 10X w/this drive. Do you agree, or should I try something else?

Thanks again!! :bow:

Well 10x looks “better than 12x”, but … shrug. Weird.

  • Gurm

The 10x doesn’t exactly look very pretty, either… This could either be a drive fault, or perhaps more likely, a fault of either the media quality and/or the burn quality. There could be other factors at play, like how many write cycles the disc has been through or if it was properly formatted. Can your drive read other media okay at high speeds? If so, then it’s likely to not be a drive problem.

As I noted, with the proper drive/media combo, you can get RW up to 16x… so it’s certainly possible…

Sorry for the delay in responding. I’m burning with an 812S Lite-On on both Ricoh & Infodisc +RW’s brand new @ 4X. Tried @ 2.4X & got the same results. Reading seems to fluctuate like crazy toward the end of the disc @ higher speeds. Any ideas or do you think the 812S and/or the 166S is bad??

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Wow, code65536, C0deKing and Dangerous Brothers, wouldn’t be nice to extend the power of the Omnipatcher also to Liteon readers allowing to set the max read speed and RPC1/RPC2? Is it complicated?

Regards, :slight_smile: