LTD 166S questions

I have just purchase a LTD 166S and I have a few questions :

a) This drive is really noisy especially when I the drive start reading a CD ? This happens to almost all the CDs. Is this a drive problem or it’s normal ? The sound volume will decreased after some time.

b) I can’t download the latest firmware for the drive. Where can I download it ? My drive’s firmware is DS08.

c) How can I make this drive region free ?


  1. Mine is a bit noisy when it spins up too.
  2. You have the latest firmware already
  3. I am looking as well!


Latest firmware is DS0B:

Get it at

I think the noise is from some sort of dynamic load balancing mechanism.:smiley: has the region free tool RPCED

also that link dont work SpikeyM as angelfire dont like remote linking to files…

I did a search on filemirrors for the filename and it showed me the direct url to jlms @ for the 166S

mine arrives next week. so i hope its not as noisy as ppl have been saying…

Dang, was gonna order mine next week w/ a nForce2 mobo. Is it louder than the 163D, or about the same? 'Cause I find the 163D very quiet compare to Pioneer 105S.

Why the my LTD 166S is named as JLMS LTD 166S and not LiteOn LTD 166S ? Is it because of the drive is produced by JLMS or I got a wrong firmware ?

The new ltd-166s is manufactored by JVC-liteon, must be some sort of coaltion happening, i read somewhere the lasers now used are a different brand than the previous liteon models, but the chipset is the same. someone correct me if im wrong?.
cheers :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

@ liteonmania :
This sound is normal, it’s the balancing steel balls that you hear, they settle in a second or 2 and reduce vibrations - works great!

@ SpikeyM :

Please don’t link directly to the file, link to my site(s). It’s not only more ethical, but prctical too as I have to keep moving the files often. eg - the link you gave is already dead…

@ goofydave :



I fixed Spikeys link.

Cheers Airhead :cool:

I just got my LTD-166S … Its very quiet. I can barely hear it.

I made it region free but in Drive Region Info v2.1 it shows me this

Is that anything to worry about? or is there a better tool to detect if its now region free?

1 word springs to mind… IDIOT :o
silly me… I did a search on the forum and finally found a post exaplaining you gotta click Disable … not Enable to make it region free …

All is working now :slight_smile:

If you check my original post you will notice i never actually linked directly to the firmware file, only to the website, and this link does work.


Ahaaa, you changed my link. All is now clear.

SpikeyM :o