LTD 166s problems

I have this LiteOn unit, model 166s, DVD-Rom. My computer recognizes it ok, but when I go to play a DVD in it, I get a few problems.

First off, the audio makes crackling sounds whenever the ‘read’ light flashes, the movies audio track also seems to speed up and slow down quite a bit. I’ve tried hooking up both the digital audio cable and the analog cable but get the same results

Secondly, the picture itself will freeze and get noisey. Sometimes, it’s almost like the ‘pitch’ of the movie has been turned way down. (like on a record player)

I’m running Windows 2000, 256 RAM, Sound Blaster Live, ATI Rage 64 video on an AMD 1.2 processor. Any suggestions on how to remedy this without taking the unit back?

Thanks in advance!

  1. Check the unit’s flat cable. May be damaged.

  2. Update the drive’s firmware. It may have some problem in the flashed firmware.

  3. Try it in another computer and check if it does the same.

If everything fails, you probably have a defective unit.


I noticed a big difference in the quality of the playback with my 166 when I use my ATI DVD software or Windows Media Player to play my movies. When using PowerDVD, the playback is similar to yours.

I believe my problem is my video card. The Radeon ATI All in Wonder has some kind of hardware MPEG that only works with certain software.

I would suggest trying different software.

Thanks for the speedy replies!
I have tried two different IDE flat cables with no luck. I also flashed the firmware with no luck. When I installed this unit into a different computer, I got the same results.

Now, I have no DVD player software on my machine, I only have the software that loads from the DVD when it’s put in. The Matrix was one DVD and it loaded something called 'PCFriendly DVD. Is there a site where I can download the ATI DVD player software? I looked on the ATI site, but it only has an updated file for existing users of said ATI DVD programs.

Does the Windows Media Player software play DVD movies? I have version 7 I think, I’m kind of “computer challenged” so excuse my ignorance in these questions. :bigsmile:

I believe you need Media Player 9 to get the DVD playback. You can get that from Microsoft for free by running Windows Update (

You can get a demo of PowerDVD at This may work for you since you don’t have the Radeon card.

You can also try RealPlayer. The latest version (RealOne - get the free one) includes DVD playback.

Also, I do not believe your video card has built in MPEG decoder. What this means is that when you play your DVDs, all the work is being done by your processor. Background tasks may cause problems for you as well with this setup. Make sure you don’t have anything else running when you play your movies. Especially check for virus scanners. I’ve had issues with McAffee at work. My Norton on my home computer does not seem to cause the same problems, but I disable it anyway just in case…

Thanks for the suggestions dewd2! I think maybe I’ll invest in a new ATI Radeon graphics card…I think the 7000 has DVD playback and it’s pretty inexpensive. I’ll let you know if that fixes my problem.

Once again, thanks for the suggestions and patience with my questions!

Yikes!! I ended up buying a Radeon 9000 card, but after I installed it and the drivers programs, my hard drive went crazy!! It’s constantly ‘busy’, if you know what I mean. Anyways, I again tried to watch a DVD with the new Radeon card installed and it’s no better than it was before, actually, I find with the new card DVD’s are more jumpy now! Go figure!

Thanks again for the advice and suggestions though.

my hard drive went crazy!! It’s constantly ‘busy’, if you know what I mean.

It sounds like you have other issues with this computer. Have you check for virus’ and trojans or adware?

Hey dewd2…

No viruses or trojans on my computer, my machine runs the virus checker everyday at 2:00am. Now, on a suggestion from the ATI web site, I did some checking and found an updated driver for my mainboards agp controller. After running that driver, my hard drive settled down. Unfortunately I still have the same problem with this DVD player. I’m about ready to toss this thing out the window! I didn’t pay that much for the DVD player, I guess you get what you pay for huh?

I’m not sure what else you can try.

I’ve been using my 166 for over a year. I originally had it in a Athlon XP 1800 system and now its on my XP 2400. Both have VIA Chipset (the new one has KT400). My 166s works perfectly with Windows XP and several distributions of Linux. I have not tried it with Windows 2000, so I can’t tell you if it would work for me.

I’m currently at Firmware DS1A. I had been on DS18 for a long time I never had an issue (other than my ATI software).

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful :frowning:

Hey dewd2!

No worries about not solving my problem with the DVD player, you gave me some great advice and plenty of options! I may try this unit on a machine running Windows 98se before I toss it. Who knows, maybe this DVD player was made on a rainy Monday morning. Thanks for all your help though!:smiley: