LTD-166s not region free

I have used Rpdce.exe to make my LTD-166S region free after using it I then whent into CDVDinfo ver 1.3.5 and that tells me that it is ( drive region locked: yes ) and current region code 2 my firmware ver DS0B and my OS System is Windows 200 Pro I have the latest 4.71 ASPI Drivers and MB chipset is Intel 815 .What is going on can any one help me to make this drive region free? :bow: :bow: :bow:

You did click “disable” didn’t you?
Many people clicks the “enable” the first time, but you gotta think backward on this one. :slight_smile:

Also make sure your running RPCDE in Windows98 compability mode if you’re on XP…

Hi Airhead
Yes I did click disable but its this Windows 98 compability mode that I can’t seem to find im useing Windows 2000 but its not there its not where is should be in properties.:confused:

I’m afraid it won’t work on 2000, compability mode is XP only I belive…

Finally got it working, Right click on the Rpced.exe, select properties and then select the Windows 98 compatability mode. (But this won’t work in Windows 2000)

After a lot of searching I finally came accros this:

In Windows 2000, I think you have to create a shortcut to the Rpced EXE before you can choose a compatability mode to run the EXE in. So make a shortcut to rpced.exe, right-click it, choose Properties and then choose the Win98 compatability mode on the compatability tab. That should do it.

If the compatability tab doesn’t show up, don’t worry, I don’t think the tab is enabled by default. Open up a command prompt and type regsvr32 %systemroot%\apppatch\slayerui.dll to enable it.

I did all of this and it finally works I now have a LTD-166S Drive region free. Hope others who have got this same problem can use this to make their drive region free as well. Good luck and thanks for all your help.
:wink: :bigsmile: