LTD-166s flashed to XJ-HD166s

I was looking in dvd info pro and in the nero info tool and they both said that my LTD-166s wasn’t compatable with dvd+r media. I thought this might be the reason for some funky kprobe results with 12x burns on the ricoh jpnr 01 and why it gave errors on the nero surface scan. After all this disc plays fine on everything else including the 3500a and my friend’s laptop. So when I ran dvd info pro it said the 166s didn’t support dvd+rs and the firmware was the original dsob. I had heard of audio extraction problems with the code guys ds1c firmware and that’s my audio ripping drive, so I went for the original ds1a firmware. I flashed with mtkwinflash and used the bin file, it flashed fine and I rebooted and now the drive says it’s an XJ-HD166s. Then I went ahead and ran the rpcde2 on it to make it rpc1 again, that worked fine and rebooted. So now my drive thinks it’s a XJ-HD166s with the ds1a firmware and rpc1. Then I tried a kprobe scan and it gave the same results as before, but nero at least didn’t give any errors on the surface scan of the disc. Everything seems to be ok, I get nice smooth dvd speed transfer rate tests and it still plays everything ok. Then I read some horror stories of people doing this with older 166s drives and having all sorts of problems, mine is of the same erra, late 2002 to 2003. I read that they fixed it with updating the boot block, but some never fixed it, did I get lucky and mtkwinflash does this? Did I just get lucky having this work period? Did I just screw up and I’m going to have problems later? What should I check for? :eek:

MtkWinFlash should update the bootcode, I believe. Horror stories? To my knowledge, there shouldn’t be any problem converting between LTD- and XJ-HD. :confused:

That’s a releif, I thought I just did something stupid. I did read about some problems with the older 166s drives in this thread with the hacked ds1c firmware. Oh well, my drive reads just fine up to 16x with dvd+rs with booktype dvd-rom. So I guess I’m not having those problems. I did get a little better dvd+r compatability out of the flash.

Oh, I remember now. Those seem to be just a few isolated reports. Most people with older drives do not have problems; the poster was making an overly broad statement. Besides, that was a hacked firmware, anyway. :wink:

unfortunately, i seem to be one of those people who have problems with their older 166S. can you look into making a read speed hacked version of the DS1A firmware code65536? i’ve noticed that the original DS1C reads my dvd-rom booktyped dvd+rs at the normal (slow) dvd+r read speed (even though the drive recognizes the dvd-rom booktype), while DS1A reads them at full speed. could this be related to why some people have problems while others don’t? i’ve seen others report that they were reading their dvd-rom booktyped dvd+rs at full speed with the original DS1C, so i thought it was odd that i wasn’t getting the same results.

Re: DS1A vs. DS1C. Now that you mention it, I seem to remember some a discussion some time ago about DS1A being better than the newer DS1C. Anyway, a patched DS1A has been posted for those who have problems with DS1C.

thanks a lot code, i’ll give it a spin.