LTD-166S DS0B -> DS0F What is the difference?

DS0B -> DS0F What is the difference between these 2 firmwares ?

Some improvements here and there, that’s usually what “Match more media” means. And it matches more media of course :slight_smile:

Well, I, for one, have seen firmware updates that actually stopped drives from reading old CDR’s (that were already burned), and then the next update fixed it. But I think he does want details, no matter how mundane…

Only thing I’ve noticed is that there seems to be a different way of handling errors. Didn’t really observe this until I somehow DESTROYED my aspi layer (of course, as always, when uninstalling fireburner), which made safedisc copy protections VERY VERY hard to read (my 24102B had to seek 18 times before success…the DVD sometimes didnt work at all).

but I did see that there were some apparent retries with DS0B, like it was giving up early, but I do NOT know if this is supposed to happen or not, while with DS0F, it kept continuing the seek (reading SD2 with ASPI not working, which it almost could never do with ds0b…probably because of the faster retries).

and of course “Match more media”.
(whatever that means :slight_smile:
I assume that if the retries were set to a higher timeout, the drive might be able to read problematic discs, where it might give up and do a complete retry earlier. But that’s just conjecture based on what I saw myself. Who knows for sure…