LTD-165H Firmware nightmare

OK folks, I need a hand!

I have an LTD-165H, and cannot use the firmware updater programs!

When I run any of the programs (CH0E.EXE, CH0H.EXE) they crash with a “Compare BIN and DRAM fail” error. (I am running windows XP)

What I need is the CH0H BIN file. If anyone has it, please reply to this post.

Notably, if I use the LTD-165P.BIN (RPC-1) with MTKFLASH, the flash goes OK, but the DVD ROM does funny things.

Why the hell doesn’t LiteON just supply the BIN files? HELP HELP!



1: make sure that it’s connected to main IDE controller.(not to an extra controller)
2: Disable DMA and reboot, then flash.
3: make sure you use the IDE drivers that is shipped with the OS, do not use IDE drivers from Intel, ViA Sis and the other chipset makers.

I am trying those instructions now.

FYI, The 165H is connected to the Primary Slave IDE interface – is this OK? I assumed that it wouldn’t matter.

If you feel like logging on to ICQ and giving me a hand, it would be much appreciated. My UIN is 45803489


Well, unfortunately that didn’t help.

I changed the transfer mode to PIO only, but this didn’t work. In Windows XP, you disable DMA on the IDE controller (which I have done).

The error I got this time was:

Access violation at address 0046BF6F in module ‘CH0H.EXE’. Read of address 00950000.

Oh dear. The LED light on the DVD drive also remains on when the PC boots if that is any help.

I suggest this:

First flash it in DOS with the binary firmware, then move it to another computer and upgrade it to the newest version through windows.

That is how far I could help.

(light always on = flashing failed and firmware in the drive is corrupt).

Thanks again for the help. I really don’t know what to do now :frowning:

Never mind.


Access violation at address 0046BF6F in module ‘CH0H.EXE’. Read of address 00950000.

This may sound really strange to you, but try lowering the memory settings in your bios. That has helped on many occasions when I get these errors that include memory addresses.


I used the binary file in the end, and that seemed to fix the problem

Thanks anyways :slight_smile: