LTD-165H bin file needed

could someone please upload LTD-165H ch0h or ch0j bin file
need to reflash back from LTD-165P to RMA the drive
green light stays on & door wont open

thanks in advance;)

Get it here, it’s a self exracting exe with 3 bins :cool:

thanks Mango for the prompt reply
now drive is posting as LTD-165H CH0H same as when
i bought it.
green light is off now but door still wont open
will take it back tommorow

ok no probs cdr666 :wink:

just out curiosity, was it the result of flashing it to 165p, or nothing to do with it?

drive was working fine with 165P firmware i was using it to rip
a couple of dvd’s that ripped fine …rebooted went to open tray door to take the disc out & the door wouldnt open …used pin in emergancy eject hole to get the disk out …then door wouldn’t close green light stayed on. Motherboard bios would only detect drive with tray open so now i have reflashed ready to return to supplier …dont think it had anything to do with the 165P firmware just wanted to reflash back for warranty purposes .It flashed back ok
but its like the drive is dead