Ltd 163d

How good is the DVD drive above ? I’m planning to get a DVD ROM but not sure whether this drive is a good DVD drive.

This is the only model available in Malaysia. Does this driver support dual-layer DVDs ?

Well, that model is kinda old, but you can check that info here:

Yes it reads dual-layer DVDs. I have the said model. You can easily make it region free by going to Mango’s site. Do a search and find his post. It’s very reliable, quick and quiet drive. The only down is it only reads DVD-R and DVD-RW media. The newer 166S model reads all DVD media including DVD+R and DVD+RW.

Yes it supports them. I have that model too and am quite satisfied with it.


But that’s the only model available in Malaysia… I have no choice.

Originally posted by liteonmania
But that’s the only model available in Malaysia… I have no choice.

I doubted that, coz i did see ltd-165h month ago, and maybe we could see 166s(after all 165h batch sold out) if we are lucky enuf. :bigsmile:

Anyone staying in Malaysia can let me know whether LTD 165 or 166 is available or not. Even the official distributor IMD shows only LTD 163D.

liteonmania, i’m sure there is a liteon dvd drive other than 163/d coz it’s actually quite easy to differentiate since it’s shorter (again)than the ordinary drive and 163/d itself. try walk around in lyp and ask to unwrap the box to have a look :slight_smile:

I’m pleased to say that the LTD166S is available in Malaysia, I purchased 1 this month. When you are shopping for it, just ask the salesperson to open the box and look at the drive, it should say which model is it. :bigsmile:


Just wanted to add this. My box has a sticker on it which says “September 2002”. I’ve seen older LTD163 box that says “February 2002”. The drive was purchased in LYP too. :smiley:

How much did your purchase LTD 166S ? Is it around RM 160 ? There is a PC Fair next week in KL and I might get it. Are you sure it is really LTD 166S ?

Yes, it’s a LTD166S, I looks at the drive and it states LTD166S. I even updated the firmware of the drive from DS08 to DS0B, the latest one. So it’s 100% a LTD166S.

Hmm, MDSC, didn’t you get my private message? :frowning:

I replied right after you posted, but you never replied back, and then you went and flashed your drive :frowning: I was hoping you could have backed up and sent me the DS08 firmware, before flashing to DS0b… :frowning:

Hey MDSC, from which shop did you bought the LTD 166S, and please give me the price tag for the drive. Thanks.