LTD-163D vs 166S

Been using my trusty 163D for a while and have no complaints. I’m puting together a freebie system for family, and picked up a 166S to put in there.
Is there any compelling reason to swap the 166S into my main system and give the 163D away? Does it do anything different or better?
On the same note, are there any firmware versions to avoid on the 166S?

166S (and 165H for that matter) are DVD-multi, meaning they can read all the DVD formats including DVD-RAM. I think that’s the only real reason to upgrade.

sounds like a good reason to swap them. Does the 163D read anything other than DVDRom?
The 166 packaging indicates only that it reads DVD-R

166S is DVD-Multi

Support Disc Format :
Conform to Multi-Read & DVD-Multi Standard
UDF, all DVD single/dual layer ( PTP, OTP ), DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW
ISO-9660, all CD-ROM formats both 8cm & 12cm discs


I found the 163D to be a quieter than the 166S. I’m getting pretty fast rip speed in EAC w/ 166S, but 163D doesn’t cache, so it’s even faster.

In their usual curious way, LiteOn lists both drives as reading the same formats, but only the 166 is called “multi”.

The 166S is sure (well I think so) to have more firmware updates in the future than the 163D…
A friend has the 163D and I can’t make out any real difference against my 165H… I’ve never seen a 166S in real life but I imagine them being as like as two peas :slight_smile:

I have the 166S drive I can say that its very good. It has a fast DVD ripping (12x DVD 1-layer) and can handle audio protections.

I have the 166s now to, before that i had the 163

All i can say is that the 166s is louder and has a VERY flimpsy disc tray… i almost killed it the first time i put a cd in it and tried to close the tray by pushing it.

But now comes the good part :stuck_out_tongue:
It reads weakly burned cd’rs better. Haven’t really found a difference reading dvd through, probably because i haven’t even tested a dvd yet… LOL

Oh well… :bigsmile:

Anyway, i would say it isn’t worth the upgrade… But if you can exchange the drive for free, do it (thats the way i did it :bigsmile: ). :stuck_out_tongue: