LTD 163D fails to read multisession DVD+r


I have a LTD 163D and GHR5 firmware. It only reads the first session on a multisession DVD+r. When I tried the GHR8 firmware it failed to even recognise the disc. The disc is clean with no errors when scanned, so I assume it is a firmware recognition problem. I searched and I see there is a Dell firmware for the LTD 163 but not the 163D. Any advice?? Can the 165/166 drives read all sessions on a multisession DVD+r??


Same problem here. With GHR8 and GHRA only DVD+R written as disc at once is detected.

No problems with LTD-165/166 though.

It’s not a firmware issue, it’s an OS issue. Windows can’t read multisession anything, so either make it one session or find an OS that can like Linux. If I’m wrong on any of this please correct me. This is only from what I have read, not experienced.

Same problem here lite on 163 with Dell GDHA firmware cannot read multisession DVD+R only reads first session but I do not think it is an operating system problem (I use Windows XP Pro) because my NEC DVD ND-1300A Writer can read all the sessions no problem in Windows XP Pro. Did Dell say that with this firmware it should be able to read multisession. I am under impression that they did say that but my 163 still cannot.

Any suggestions?

Edit and Update: all is fine now thankyou updated to firmware GHDJ firmware, drive can now read multisession…

I got it here:


It is NOT an OS issue. If I put my multisession DVD+r disc in the DVD writer (Nec 1100A) windows XP sees all 3 sessions just fine!

shermm - use the firmware on this page (GDHJ)

for your Dell 163 (not 163D).