LTD 163 problem in XP

I just purchased a new black LTD 163 from newegg. Using the PowerDVD software that came with the drive in my Windows XP Pro machine. I’ve watched several DVD movies and tested the drive reading burned CDs without any problem.

For CDs such as software and music, it reads it fine. However, the problem occur when I put in my backup CDs with mp3 songs and other files, the DVD rom recognizes the name of the CD but was unable to open and browse the content.

Has anyone experienced this problem before? Please offer some advice!

First thing you wanna do is run scandisc in Nero cd speed and see if you got any errors on them backup CDs of yours. Have you tried reading them backup CDs w/ another drive?

These are the test results:

Starting file test
Files: 68
Directories: 5
Size: 653 MB
Errors: 0
Speed: 30.9 X (4629 KB/sec)
File test completed
Starting surface scan
Good: 99.66 %
Damaged: 0.22 %
Unreadable: 0.11 %
Surface scan completed…

and yes this CD can be read by other drives.