Ltd 163 - GH5P

Does anyone have the GH5P firmware for this drive. It’s not availble through the liteon website. Thanks

Here’s the binary

Say thanks to Mango! :slight_smile:

What’s up with the liteOn firmware site? None of the DVD firmware links work??

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[B]Here’s the binary

Say thanks to Mango! :slight_smile: [/B]

Cheers Airhead! :cool:
All the official firmware are on my site too. GH5P as well.

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Thanks Mango!

I was wondering about the GH5Q … does it do the 163 any good or has it been compiled mainly to rename the drive to a JLMS?

The GH5P from your site works great!

Thanks again!

GH5Q is their first to be upgraded in Windows, and it’s causing many people lots of pain. The firmware itself is ok but the upgrade engine tends to crash right after the erasing part, leaving the drive brain dead.

You can get my DOS GH5Q, it’s safe. Personally I went back to GH5P, because it rips audio a bit better. But the difference is very small.