LTD-163/D DVDR media compatibility

I have a LTD163D which doesn’t seem fond of Princo DVDR media, I’m using Bulkpaq disks which are manufactured by Princo. Works fine with Datasafe and Panasonic DVDRs. Princo works fine in my Tosh DVD, my PS2 and my set-top DVD player.

Anyone out there with the same drive tested it with DVDR? Any problems with media compatibility?

I tried flashing it to the GH5K LTD163 firmware, made no difference, so have flashed back to GHR3.



I’m astonished at the fact that there are drives that read such crap.

Use Verbatim DVD-R. They’re more expensive, but they work in every drive.

They’re better than the god-awful Datasafes I had before - the ps2 would struggle with them something rotten. Besides, at 79p each I don’t expect perfection, I just want to know why the Liteon won’t read them when everything else I’ve tried does!