LTD-163 cannot read discs from LDW-451@851



I recently bought a 451 and have burnt a few DVD’s and a CD on it. The DVD’s work fine in my RCA DVD player, and the Cd works fine in the 451.

Tonight I made the drive an 851, all is fine and it is burning fine, the discs still play in the RCA. However when I try to read the discs in my Liteon LTD-163 it acts as if no disc have been inserted even the CD. Everything else works fine in this drive.

I have not updated the firmware since I bought but have never needed to.

Any suggestions on why it is not detecting the new discs I am making.




So the drive could read those exact CD’s before the mod?



Thanks for the quick response. I solved it this morning. Never thought that a firmware change on the LTD-163 would affect whether it could read CR-Rs as it has been fine with my previous TDK burnt ones.

Updated with the last one produced, and now it reads the cd’s and even my multisession system DVD.




just a warning. if you want to havd the ltd-163 dvd drive read burnt movie on dvd+r, make sure to use the booktype setting tool to change the booktype from dvd+r to dvd-rom. otherwise you might have problem reading movies on dvd+r in ltd-163.


Thanks Happybob

It seems to play them fine from what Ive seen but I will bear it in mind. I tend use that drive purely for my CDRs and playing back my Nero Digital stuff through the TV.

The RCA dvd player does all the DVD movies cause it doesnt matter what you throw at it, it plays perfectly.





I also just picked up a 451 and cannot playback DVD-Rs on my LTD-163. I have searched all over for firmware upgrades but can night find any links that work. What firmware do I need to read DVD-Rs. I am using Ritek media which seems to have good reviews. Does anyone have a link.

Also I am unfamiliar with the booktype setting, any links on how I go about checking or changing this.



DVD-ROM firmware downloads.


Originally posted by Ssseth
DVD-ROM firmware downloads.

Thanks, looks like the GH5P took care of it. I was at GH5E.