LTD-163 and GH5Q

Some days ago I did update my ltd-163 firmware to GH5Q anf now Nero Infotool reports that the drive is not compatible with DVD+R and DVD+RW…

WTF is this ?

Any of you has an idea ?

Thanks for your help !

Hi, and welcome to our forum! :slight_smile:

This seems to be just an reporting issue with Nero info tool.

Either nero info tool is not able to detect that it supports it or the drive is telling info tool the wrong information.

It still should read DVD+R/RW discs though.

So you should not worry :slight_smile:

Alright, I’ll test that now (forgot I have a Philips DVDR-70 so I have also DVD+RW discs of course).

Still, before Nero told me it was compatible so I found that a bit strange…

Maybe I’ll flash also to GH5S, maybe better…

Thanks for your help !