LTC48161H: latest firmware upgrade:not ready any dvds




I need help on LTC48161H dvd drive, i was able to play all the dvds b4 upgrading the fw to latest KH0Q, cd play ok, but dvds no…
the drive reads-reads… with KH0P i was able to play most of the dvds :), with KH0Q non wkr, even the dvds which played fine on KHOP.

now can any1 hlep me how to fix this, any wrk around. KHOP frw is removed from the liteon site. can any1 post me a wrking link of KHOP plz…



try KH0R:



i tried that, but no luck :frowning: any other help



If you look in the FAQ at the top of this forum for places to find firmwares, you would find a link to the firmware collection at Unfortunately, he does not host a copy of KH0P. But at the bottom of his page are a bunch of links. I started to explore those links, and it didn’t take long for me to come across this page:

Download KH0P from there, use FlashFix on the flasher, and you should be able to revert back to KH0P.