LTC48161H dead?

Hi all, this drive has worked like a charm for me until recently. I have KH0R f/w. Just yesterday, I got several errors in Nero: “Unrecoverable read error.” While testing a purple disc in Nero cd/dvd speed, I get the red X error: “No Additional Sense Information (000000).” But a ps2 game seems to test fine. Is my drive dying? If so, is there another 2-sheep dvd-rom with better longevity? I bought this drive in 2/2004…In other words, I’m 4 months out of warranty :a

Maybe a lens cleaning might help. Don’t have any other suggestions besides that…

Make sure if the drive is physically dead or not first. (Only you can test it.)

16x DVD writers have become too cheap now to consider another DVD-ROM or combination (CD-R/DVD-ROM) drive.

I think code may be right, there is a lot of cigarette smoke in my house. With all the video game console lenses I clean, one would think I should have figured this one out on my own. Lol but I panic…thanks fellas!