LTC 48161H - Writing speed drops spontaneously?


I get serious writing performances problems
with my LTC 48161H Combo (Liteon 48x24x48x16x)
under “Nero CD-DVD speed” tool:

With “Nero CD-DVD Speed” (v 2.11.4 french), I get
quite abnormal results with “verbatim datalife 48x”
and “intenso 52x” medias.

The writing speed drops spontaneously during the burning
process :

A few times (on several attempts), I managed to get a
correct writing speed during all the burning:

The tests I had read before my purchase were done with
the same verbatim media and were good…

On the intenso, I never managed to have a correct and
constant growing writing speed.

Those two medias are recognised by “smartburn” as 48x
compliant medias.

===> I checked a lot of parameters that seem correct, and don’t
know what else I can do. Can someone please give me an idea ?

All the other tests (transfer rates for CDs and DVDs are

===> Here is my config

-Asus Pundit (P4S8L Mobo)
-Celeron 2.4
-2x Kingston PC3200 256Mo
-Seagate 120Go UDMA 100, 8Mo (7200.7) MASTER
-LiteOn LTC 48161H Combo SLAVE
(KHOP firmware, UDMA Mode 3)
-Win XP Home SP1 + All critical updates
-Nero CD-DVD Speed v2.11.4f

Thanks in advance for your help, I’m quite desperate :sad: