LTC-48161H won't read discs in my computer



I’m having a problem with my LTC-48161H Lite-on combo drive. I installed it in my computer and it will read Fujifilm cds sometimes, but it won’t read Memorex or a few other brands of cds at all. It reads DVDs. I updated the drive with the latest firmware too. I thought that my IDE cable might be bad so I used a different one and I got the same results. So I thought that my drive was bad and I put it in another computer and it works fine in that one. No problems what so ever. My next thought was that there was something wrong with my IDE controller. I borrowed a Lite-on DVD ROM from a friend and stuck it in my computer and it reads everything fine, so my IDE controller must work. I don’t know what to do, I just got the drive less than a week ago. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thanks.


What firmware version is on the drive?


The firmware version is CO48KH0Q


Hey, anyone have any ideas whatsoever? I’m open to any suggestions.


sure i will give you some suggestions… and ask some questions.

First the discs youare having trouble reading i assume you did not record them on this computer so i need to know:

  1. how were they recorded? using directcd perhaps? if so they will not read until you close them

  2. have you tried to record cds with the 48161h? if so are they readable in the drive itself and in other drives?

on the media side your fujis are excellent discs the memorex far less good. i find them to be a very marginal disc on my 7 burners (52246 x 2, 48161 x 2, 48246, 411s, 811s) so i just use them for stuff i am not worried about for perminent storage so that may be your issue.


The discs were recorded from images using alcohol 120% raw dao on a plextor burner so there is no reason for it not to work. It wont read the discs the drive burned in my machine but if I take the drive out and put it in a different machine it will read the discs.


ok if this is true then there is an issue with your computer and would need the config.

did you read the second part where i asked if it can read discs it has written