LTC 48161H (Sony CRX300E?)



I have bought 2 Sony CRX300E drivers, and they have stopped playing sound in DVDs so I came here in search of answers! Before you say, I might be a n00b here, but I’m quite proficient when it comes to computers, but this has me stumped!

Anyway, from what I gather from reading this forum, the CRX300E is made by LiteOn under the name LTC 48161H. As everything else I’ve tried to get sound back from my DVDs has ended in failure, I thought maybe flashing the drive might be a good idea, I found the correct firmware on the LiteOn site, however, when I run it, it doesn’t think my drive is the “LTC 48161H” so it can’t flash it, so is the CRX300E really the LTC 48161H or not?

My current firmware on both drives is KYS2.

Any information in to this would be much appreciated.


1/ Unless there is a bug in a firmware, flashing it will never solve the problem. So to solve a problem that’s been there all along, flashing might help. To solve a problem that just appeared, flashing will not help.

2/ DVD discs are really data discs. The audio is just a part of the data, store right alongside the video. So if there’s something wrong at the drive level that’s affecting audio, it’ll affect the video as well–it simply isn’t possible to have the drive misread one without also misreading the other. The problem lies within either the DVD playback software that is decoding the audio portions of the data or in the interaction that your playback software has with the rest of the system (i.e., bad audio drivers, OS misconfiguration, etc.) Whatever the case, this is definitely a OS/software issue and not a hardware/firmware issue. As such, you may want to ask around in the other forums here at CD Freaks.

3/ KYS2 is ancient. But that’s irrelevant to your problem.

4/ If you do want to flash to KH0R (which will not solve your problem, but will give you a firmware that is over a year newer), you can do so, you will have to use FlashFix. See the tools collection at the top of the forum for more info.


The drive’s sole purpose in DVD Playback is to send data from the disc to the rest of the computer. If you can see video, but cannot hear sound, then you have a software issue. If the drive refused to recognize the disc, then the drive would be to blame.

My guess: You are probably trying to play back DVD’s with Windows Media Player and you don’t have any true DVD Player software installed? You should get a true DVD Player software like PowerDVD or WinDVD.

You could also try VideoLAN, which is free, and see if that works. VideoLAN should be able to play back DVD’s properly with sound.

If you want to convert your Sony CRX300E to a Liteon LTC-48161H, then patch Liteon’s updater with FlashFix. I would recommend doing this since KYS2 is so old (Jun 23, 2003).

Yay, you get two full explanations!


Thank you very much for your replies gentlemen but I still have a couple more things to ask.
I haven’t connected the sound cable from the drive to the motherboard (on board sound on the NF7-S v2) so I can’t play Audio CDs directly from the drive, which isn’t a problem, however I was wondering if this was the reason why the sound wasn’t working on the DVDs?
The reason I suspect that it isn’t the problem is that its played the sound on the DVDs before without said cable and I’ve connected the headphone out in to my line in on my motherboard to see if I could get sound that way but still no luck?

Also, I use PowerDVD. Windows Media Player crashes when it tries to play DVDs and so does Real Player.


As said before, a DVD is not an Audio CD. The sound is inside the data stream and not directly replayed by your drive. This means you do not need the audio cable.
Have you tried VideoLan ? Have you checked that all channels in the windows audio mixer are activated ? Can you play any soundfile at all ?


The sound cable is for analog CD audio output only. Nothing else.

Windows Media Player crashes when it tries to play DVDs and so does Real Player.

That sounds like the symptoms of possible OS/software misconfiguration. Audio drivers, maybe? Maybe your system needs an old fashioned reformat and reinstall. :iagree:


Yea, I was just checking on the audio cable, because i know the drive has played sound without it!

Also, I’ve tried VideoLAN and it worked, so I’m quite happy! However, I’m still at a loss as to why PowerDVD wasn’t working? As for the format and reinstall, I’ve done that quite a few times before, this is my first run on XP though before I was using windows 2000 and it’s only a few months old.

I do know what I’m doing when it comes to computers though, don’t get me wrong! I’ve made a few for friends but this problem really had me stumped so I thank you all for the help!

I’ve had problems with codecs before, I think the problem was the NIMO codec pack where it made sound on some avi’s crackly. That was when I moved over to “codec pack” ( which seemed quite good, haven’t had any issues with it yet, but to be on the safe side here I’ve uninstalled it and only installed DivX and Xvid downloaded from their own sites.

My motherboard is the Abit NF7-s v2 but I don’t think I’m using the latest drivers for it, never had problems with them in the past though.


If you first installed PowerDVD, then installed the codec pack, then uninstalled the codec pack, then perhaps you also uninstalled PowerDVD’s DVD codecs since some codec packs contain PowerDVD’s DVD decoder.