LTC-48161H and SafeDisc protected discs

When it comes to burning cd’s I am a total noob. I have been copying files from the cd to a temp file on the hard drive, then writing them to the cd-r. After making a coaster trying to back up Medal of Honor Allied Assault, I have spent the past two days browsing and searching these and other forums. Obviously, I have some questions I didn’t find answers for.

1.) Will I be able to burn SafeDisc protected discs such as Medal of Honor with my Lite On LTC-48161H and programs such as “burnatonce” or “CloneCDv4202”? My drive isn’t on philamber’s list of known SafeDisc2 killers I found in a thread of his/hers thread. Copying SafeDisc2 Protected games

2.) I have already installed “burnatonce”. Should I go ahead and install CloneCD?

3.) Will having two (or more) burning programs cause any conflicts? Either between the programs or with my drive?

Thanks in advance.