Lt 48125s and nero cdspeed prob?

hi folks,

i bought a new lite on 48125s and have the following problem.
config is as follow:
drive is set on primary ide port as slave drive with cs not the master or slave. with main hd as the master.
nero 59917
latest aspi 4.72
and burning works well.
the only things is nero cd speed
as soon as i try any test it just comes with failure messages.
for any of the transfer test, seek time, etc… it comes with error:
no additional sense information (000000)
and the one i was really interested in overburning test!!
write error at 99.58.00 code (052602)

pls if u do have any idee let me hknow.

thx for any help it would be more than apreciated



The arrangement that works well for me is to have the Lite-on as the master on the secondary. If you are using a dvd/cd rom, then the best place for it is on the primary as the slave.

From memory, using cable select for the boot drive can cause problems and Nero uses its own aspi and it is not necessary to install another version.

My arrangement is as follows:

PM - 20 GB HDD
PS - 10 GB HDD

SM - Burner

Make sure you close the progs like Nero, SmartBURN, etc. before starting CD Speed. It can be a prob.

When I have CD Speed open, I cannot start SmartBurn checker. Gives me an error.

So, i think it needs exclusive access.

ok i will try not using the cable select.
in any other configuration the drive is making writing problem. when i try to write it comes after various times a communication failure.
seems to be the prog cdspeed can access the drive properly
dont know what to do
thx for all