LSK DVD-R 16X Media

Just Curious if anyone has ever tried LSK Media. I live in Florida and there is a place called Alaska Miami who sells it and claims it’s pretty good. I currently have a ton of blank media and don’t really need any, but I always buy more when they are on sale and I like to try brands that I have never used before, but if there a waste I won’t bother. Anybody that has used them people give me your honest feedback on this. Thanks

I’ve used the CDs and DVDs on numerous occasions and I have friends that do as well. The quality is great and its MUCH cheaper than your typical retail stores that sells other popular brands. I also need large quantities which they can accommodate as well. I order them online

What’s the media code on them?

Their disc designs remind me of something…

[QUOTE=Womi;2409859]Their disc designs remind me of something…[/QUOTE]
Verbatim D/L

[QUOTE=Womi;2409859]Their disc designs remind me of something…[/QUOTE]

They look like Verbatim wannabes :bigsmile: I’m really curious myself
as to what the media code is on them as I’ve never heard of
that brand before. :confused: