LSI SAS2008 Based - Dell H200 and H310 Firmware

I have one of each of these two models. The 310 came as an IR firmware card, and needed to be cross-flashed to utilize IT mode - (Or more to the point, perhaps didn’t)

I’m not running a software RAID that would get angry with IR firmware, and I’m running all EXT4 and NTFS on any drive attached right now, so, it got flashed to the LSI i8 packages, and the old .bin was over-witten with no back-up .bin file made at that time. I’m not sure I couldn’t have just run THAT one as JBOD on the Dell software rather than flash it to IT, becasue FreeNAS or unRAID need that, or it upsets the software RAID (IR) to SEE firmware down-stream of it’s own self - the “software controller.”

I just received the H200 I bought, and lo and behold, had run into something NOT related to cross-flashing, but running it as JBOD in Linux. Well - hmmmm . . . works. {thud} cool.

Can anyone help me back up this new card’s -Stock- firmware to a .bin file from the command line in Debian? That would be VERY appreciated by me, and I think it really could be helpful to others, too.