LSI Nytro Megaraid NMR-8110-4i

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The LSI Nytro Megaraid 8110-4i (hereafter referred to as the ‘NMR-8110-4i’) is an HBA (Host Bus Adaptor) with its own integrated enterprise grade (eMLC) NAND flash based cache. The cache can be used to accelerate the access to data placed on HDDs that are attached to the HBA. The cache consists of two 100GB SSDs (with Sandforce controllers). The two SSDs can be configured to run as a Raid array reducing the latency (IO response time) of the Cache. In recent months we have reviewed a number of SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Disks) that marry the reduced cost per gigabyte associated with traditional HDDs, with a NAND based cache to give the user an SSD like experience – the NMR-8110-4i can be considered to be an ultimate Enterprise caching solution that can be used in conjunction with up to 128 underlying devices (which may themselves be arranged in Raid arrays).

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