LScribe+Surething:"Generic print@reduced quality"?

Hi there,

I´ve got the HP 640i c-revision LS drive and get the following message when trying to burn labels with best or medium quality, SureThing CD Labeler 4 SE: “The drive resource file does not support this media type. A lightscribe host software update may fix this. It is possible to do a generic print at reduced quality.”

I´ve got the newest firmware alright, but where can I see my version of the LS print engine? Think I should argue with that one a bit more to solve this one.

I went through all the LS posts on this website (91 of them) and followed the links, downloaded the files “LS_HSI”, “LS-UPDATE_1.4.42.1_” and “IsHosiInstall”. These are all some sort of LS engine updates. I´d just like to know which version I´ve got now, before I install this new stuff.