Has anybody used this media? Is it real or fake?

The disk looks like this

DVD-R 1x-8x

So far i have met this disks with tho MIDs MCC 02RG20 and the newer ones are TYG02

I made some scans
here is the MCC one
burner with LG GSA 4163B at 8x

The disk has lot of scratches at the end

the TYG02 burned with Asus DRW-1814BL at 8x
there where buffer problems during burning (fragmented drive) so the actual speed was close to 4x

So what do you think of these?


Have a look at the codes around both the “MCC 02RG20” and “TYG02”.

Post the codes here, and we’ll be able to tell you if they’re genuine or not :slight_smile:

I must say, I never heard of them. When I saw the thread title, I thought you meant LightScribe! :slight_smile:


i don’t see any code around the center. I’ve looked hard but i just cant seem to find any code. the is a number but it’s covered and very hard to see but i think its only number no letters. I can try to read it.

No burner or dvd player has ever had problem with these disks.
I can burn one with the Lite-On later and see how it scans.


I would be very surprised if these are genuine.

Whats the code on the dye of the disc, not the hub?


well as I was saying i don’t see any code on the disk.
those the MCC as I remember scanned very good when I burned them, but I can’t find the images from the scan and now all of them have scratches so a quality scan would be pretty useless.

I also find it hard to believe that this are really genuine, but in my opinion they are not that bad. Maybe these are the best fakes in the market.


Most fake media I’ve come across dont have a stamper code, the dye is a light purple, but there’s no code. These are most definitely fakes from Hong Kong or somewhere like that, if you cant clearly see a code…


But no, those scans arent too bad, considering some of the fakes I’ve come across :Z


These are from China actually. Here’s company’s site

I guess they are fake. But at least they’ve tried tried to make them with acceptable quality at least.