Lps to cds -- quick newbie question



I have a quick question, and hopefully this is the right forum since I am a newbie. I want to convert some old lps to digital format and I know I need to hook my amp into the line-in on my computer, so no problem there.

Here is where the problem comes in: my stereo is pretty old and has no audio out jacks. There is a video/md out, but I’m not sure if I can use this. I’m not sure what the md stands for (minidisc?). Does anyone have a clue if this is something I can use to connect stereo/computer? If not, will I have to connect via the headphone jack?

Thanks for any help.


I think you´d be safe taking it from the headphone output to the mic input on your computer.
I do it with my cassettes using Audacity…everything turned way down there´s no overload…result is good.


Thanks for the answer. I will give it try. Do I need to turn down the computer volume as well as the stereo (I use Nero Wave Editor)? Also my stereo has a 1/4" jack while my computer line-in is, of course, a mini. Does anyone know if there is there a cable that can connect these? I have an adapter if, not so no big deal.

Last question, in case anyone thinks this will work: Amplifier video/md out to vcr audio in, and then vcr audio out to computer. I might try this just to see.