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Here’s a very round about way to get the end result…I’m attempting to put my LP collection to CD…I needed to replace my turntable & went with Stanton(maybe a mistake!!)…I considered a Numark with a USB port…Decided against it since I also have a stand alone burner for LP’s and figured the construction of the Stanton might be better since your not paying for an USB port & a built in pre-amp…
Herein lies my problem,a lot of these LP’s survived(kinda)the late 60’s & 70’s…I know they make software to clean up the pops & hisses…So,my question is,if I used a cd-rw to burn onto the stand alone is there anything out there that would clean up the sound if I went cd to cd on the computer???Hope all you pros out there can make heads or tails of this…LOL
As always thanks much in advance!!!
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You would have to first transfer all the files onto your HD and then edit them before transferring them back onto CD using something like NERO. An inexpensive way of doing this is to use something like this product:


thanx for the quick reply…
do you have first hand experience with this???does it do a good job eleminating pops,clicks,hiss,etc. … ???
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I have done some CD compilation and modified the files for volume, using the freeware program “Audacity” but haven’t done any noise clean-up stuff, except when doing LP transfers. The program I suggested to you was, in turn, suggested to me in a phone call to a friend who does the sort of thing you want to do all the time. I rang him because your question reminded me of his problems when he first started dabbling in audio file manipulation.


cool…thanx again!!!
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I have recorded many of my LP’s to cd with great success.
I started using nero wave editor to clean up the recording but moved on to the creative software supplied with my sound card which I prefer.
I built an RIAA preamp so that I could port the records straight into the sound card from my HIFI turntable and on to the HDD. Your methods fine, mine just cut out a recording stage.


You can find more discussion of this topic in the cdfreaks Audio Forum (you can search there for “turntable” “wave repair” “xitel inport” “m-audio”): http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=188214

My shareware of choice for cleanup of .wav files from LPs is Wave Repair. Regards, gamma1


many,many thanks for your input & answers…
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