Lp recording

Brand new to this, I have Nero 6 Ultra. I can’t figure out how to split tracks when using SoundTrax. Any help is appreciated.

p.s. I was using Microsoft Plus Analog Recorder, which would attempt to recognize the tracks, if it didn’t, you could manually split them after recording is completed.

Go to Tools --> Wizards --> LP to CD Wizard. I’ve never tried it, so I can’t tell you how well it works.


Done that, the wizard assumes you know a bit more than the common person knows… as far as what numbers to put into the settings.
I’ll play with it some more

You can download User guide for Sound Trax if you don’t have it:http://www.nero.com/en/User_Guides_SoundTrax.html

if you can’t figure out nero go here and see if this site helps.It’s where I learned how to do it a few years back.

Thnx for all the answers, I was hoping to find someone who records lp’s, to get a real answer here. I’ll be checking in now & then.
Thnx again anyway.

you don’t have to use soundtrax to split trax,Use Nero wav editor.Highlight the selected part of the trax you don’t want and cut them.The resulting track,you just save as whatever file format you want.

I use Audacity and it works great. I have converted about 500 LP’s to MP3.

Agreed.This app also works great.

I used Cool Edit Pro.It was amazing.

I tend to go toward free software if it does what I need, and Audacity has done well. Now if I can get on with the remaining 3500+ Lp’s I’ll be happy.

I only had to do 30 or so.I guess I was lucky. :slight_smile: