Lowest write speed in nero7 using philps SPD3500CC


Can anybody help, I’m using nero7 with the dvd burner listed above. I need to set the write speed to an absoulute minimum (idealy 1x) as I am burning music recorded by bands in my studio. The problem is Nero express is only giving me 16x as the lowest write speed and some customers CD players are unable to read the cd’s that have been burnt. Is there any way I can choose the lowest write setting?, as i’ve tried everything. My old version of nero6 allowed me to go as low as i wanted!!
Thanks in advance for any replies.

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For audio, 16x is adequate IMO. Opinions may vary, though.

If customers are unable to read the discs, then it could be the media you’re using. What discs are you burning to?

Minimum available burn speeds are determined by media and burner, using Nero 6 or 7 shouldn’t make any difference here.

The Philips SPD3500CC is an external rebadge of the LiteOn LH-18[B]A1[/B]H (you should verify this by opening the enclosure and checking the drive label). These A1/A4 series drives have a known problem with CD burning, which can affect readability in some players. You have the option to use LiteOn’s LH-20A1H [B]LLV3[/B] test firmware to improve CD burning. See here for more details: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f44/lite-20a1l-audio-cds-237685/

Procedure to follow:

  1. Backup your drive’s EEPROM with the EEPROM Utility and your original firmware with the Flash Utility (see LiteOn burner section for download and instructions).

  2. “Upgrade” your drive to 20A1H with the EEPROM Utility.

  3. Flash the LLV3WIN.rar firmware found here: http://www.4shared.com/account/dir/6485650/9a086eab/sharing.html?rnd=20

Should work, but I take no responsibility of course. Then try to burn at 16X as suggested by Arachne. :slight_smile:

Maybe the Philips firmware is better than the Liteon version.:confused:

Regardless of firmware, these drives don’t go lower than 16x for CD-R.
The “slowest” CD-writers I am aware of are Pioneer and Renesas based LGs, which start at 4x (and even this might no longer valid for the most recent models).
Apart from that, there is no need for that low burning speeds. The drives often don’t work well here, and also the media is optimised for higher speeds.

And: Liteon drives are not among those I would recommend if CD burning matters…


And: Liteon drives are not among those I would recommend if CD burning matters…


Very much agree. Out of current drives, I’d pick a Samsung or an Optiarc for audio CD burning.