Lowest capable burning speed liteon 1633s

Hey everyone

I’ve been trying to burn PS2 and xbox backups and it’s recommended you write them at the lowest possible speeds. But no matter what media I use I have only been able to burn as low as 4x. My verbatim dvd -rs support speeds from 1x-4x but in any software I use the lowest I am allowed to select is 4x. Does anyone know if this dvd writer is capable of writing at lower than 4x? If so…how can I do it?

Have you tried burning at 4x and seeing if it works? With good media you should be able to burn at rated speed and have good playback on most devices; I think the low speed thing is a myth nowadays.

I burn ps2 and xbox backups at 4x and for the most part I’ve had no problem. There has been the odd time where I’ve burnt a ps2 game at 4x and even on good media it still works pretty lousy. The xbox doesn’t really give any problems but the PS2 is a picky little bi**h!

you`ll probebly have better look if you use quality +R media (liteon preferd media) and bitsetting them to dvd-rom.