Lowest C1/C2 WSES errors I have ever seen

Ok been fidling a bit with Firmware and my LiteOn 40125W.

Recently upgraded it to firmware WS09, and suddenly got C2 errors which I had never seen with the TDK (Ritec) media I use.

So flashed back to WS03 and all is perfect again.

These are the results from a few tests I did with WSES, all these burns where done at 16X, and burning slower seems to pay off:

Now I also tried to flash it to a 48125W and then burnt a disc, this time 48X rated media, same everyting, Ritec etc, just 48X, this is the result when burning full speed (48X)

So needless to say, I’m back to 40125W and burning at 16X.

(So now I know people will say, why get a 40X when only burning at 16X, well I didn’t buy a 40X, I originally bought a 16X, but it was replaced under warranty with a 40X)

are you saying those are the lowest c1 c2 scans youve ever seen? Mate, ive seen people get like 1 c1 error and no c2 burning at 48x!

Try a few different brands of media. I’ve seen vast differences in C1 & C2 errors between Ritek, Ricoh and Memorex. Memorex gives me no C2 errors where as I get the occasional C2 error (low C1 errors) on CDs detected as Ricoh using Smartburn and I frequently get C2 errors on Ritek CDs; particularily the older green dye Ritek CDs. I’ve been writing these CDs at up to 32x and the Memorex & older CDs at 24x (that’s their rating). :wink:

With the exception of the older Ritek CDs, I haven’d had a CD give up yet or become unreadable in any drive so far. My DVD-ROM drive is slow at reading the Ritek CDs. The Memorex CDs reach maximum speed in DVD/CD-ROM drives from start to end using Nero CD speed, so I’m sticking to this brand. :stuck_out_tongue: