Lowering? samplingrate

Hi guys/girls, Im not sure if this is the right place to ask,but here goes. Me thinks the lower the sampling or Hz rate is , the lower the size on disk (lower quality musik of coaurse) More space and time to record music on cd to play in standard cd player???

If you deviate from the standard audio cd , yes

If you want it to comply with the standard audio cd , no

but would this work on standard audio cd players?

No way, your standard cd player wants 16 bit 44,1 kHz pcm data
Nothing else.

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lower the sample rate much, and the music quality gets HORRIBLE. nyquist :wink:

a “good” or “userfriendly” product like Roxio’s Easy CD Creator will transform all your 8KHz mono wavs into 44KHz 16bit PCM Stereo. Not that it will sound better , but your cd player will play it. And the files will be bigger (more data).

I would not trust a built-in sample rate conversion routine… they can be horrible (no interpolation = fuzzy sound).

Use SSRC by Naoki Shibata : http://shibatch.sourceforge.net/ , second program in this page.