Lowering cd/dvd readers rpm speed

Hi All

I need a method to reduce the rpm of a cd or dvd reader to be as low as 20rpm or even lower, do you know if there is a method to achieve this ? or even if there is cd/dvd reader out there that can be hacked for this purpose ? this is for a project to recover data from a cracked/shattered cd and thus I need the rpm to be incredibly low to prevent any more damage

No, that’d require firmware changes, but you could try these softwares, both allow to read damaged discs, interrupt and try with different drives and even on other PCs:
https://www.heise.de/download/product/h2cdimage-39056 (command line only)
https://www.heise.de/download/product/isopuzzle-44410 (with GUI)
Note: Both allow 2048 bytes per sector discs only, thus e.g. they don’t work with e.g. audio CDs.

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thanks for your reply, do you know of any vendor that supply a “hackable” firmware or maybe some sort of open hardware cd/dvd reader ? I looked around but couldn’t find anything and I tried many software’s but the problem is that it netiher goes low enough nor does it prevent the initial spin that you get after inserting the cd, you are right though I need something that has a hackable firmware :frowning:

I don´t think you will go near to 20rpm with any ODD. I think it´s hard to get rpm <2000.

The most hacked FW I remember, like for the old Toshiba 1612 and 1712 were made to decrease the speed.

A way to limit the speed works with some drives

  1. Start CDSpeed
  2. Select Disc Quality
  3. Set speed to lowest available
  4. Start Scan
  5. Stop scan
  6. Now the drive should be stay in low speed as long you not change the media