Lower the speed of a dvd burner


i want to lower the speed of my lite-on dvdrw sohw-1693s

i tried to use media code speed edit but it seems it doesn’t support this version.
can someone help me please?


Nero DriveSpeed? Never had to use it myself, but it might help.


forgot to tell i want to lower the writing speed

sorry about that

Is there a reason you’d like to write at speeds not offered by the firmware?

I’m curious now :slight_smile:

then just select the appropriate writing speed in whatever program you’re using to burn discs. most programs will allow you to select the write speed for the burning job that you’re about to perform.

oh whoops…i guess i misunderstood.

lower than offered by the firmware? don’t know what to tell you on that.

keep in mind that writing too slow can be just as bad as writing too fast. most often, you’ll get the best results with the latest firmware writing at the rated speed for your media!

i tried other programs but when i select a speed lower than 4x, it changes back to 4x

and i want to lower the writing speed cuz im using low-quality dvd-r

Eeek! Listen to reasonsnotrules - most often you’ll get the best quality at the media’s rated speed (except with 16x media, that burns better at 12x on a lot of burners).

If you’re adamant that you don’t want to burn at the rated speed, then stick to 4x as offered (edit: but I wouldn’t usually recommend 4x!).

alright if you say so thanks for the help

the best way to rectify your problem is to buy quality media in the first place.

even poor quality media shouldn’t be burned more than a notch or two lower than its rated speed or you could introduce even more problems.

i would never burn 16x media lower than 8x. i also wouldn’t burn 8x media any lower than 4x. (YMMV as with anything on this forum…)

if you can’t get quality burns at slightly reduced speeds, look into firmware updates (if you don’t have the latest) or simply purchase quality media in the first place and avoid all of these headaches!

Is there a specific reason for that or did just “someone” told you that it should give better burns??

It may not go any slower,Most of us tend to burn faster not slower,I have to ask why do you think this is a good idea?