Lower reading speed on my DVD-Rom?

Its very annoying when I try to watch DVD movies and DivX and the DVD-Rom start spinning up, i would like to lower the speed to 4x or something liek that.
Ive tried Nero Drive Speed, but thats fucked up.
Is there anything else i can do, any register hack or anything?


What DVD-ROM do you have now? Please don’t say its a Creative, cause then my advice would be to lower it into the nearest trash can. Lowering the speed would cause more disruptions and more spinningup by the way. Also whats your O/S?

Hehe, I Have a creative =)
But I also have another regular CD-Rom, and that one is also very noisy.
Oh, and I have Windows XP

the best suggestion for divx, at least, is to dump the movie to hard drive before viewing. otherwise, it will spin up/down at irregular intervals.

as for dvd, it should constantly spin, shouldnt it? there isnt any software trick to make it not, though, unless you dump the dvd to hard drive as well (not time consuming, but lotta room needed )

yeah, all movies speed up, esp divx, ckin2000 is right. About DVD’s though maybe when progressive scan dvd-roms are released they will spin up less or not at all.

About the noise… well take by my example.
4 years ago I went to buy a cd-rom. I ended up choosing between a generic no-name 52x and an asus 52x. The asus was $30 more and I figured why not save a buck. My friend who was with me is a firm believer in getting brand names and bought the asus reader. His was so quiet when it spins up that you have to make the room quiet, turn everything off, and actually listen for it to hear the spin. Mine sounds like a lawn mower and wakes up my family at night. So I guess you get what you pay for.
But the money issue isnt really the point, diff drives have diff styles of reading, some are quiet and some are noisy. Usually quiet drives are sold for more cause thats considered a luxury…bla bla bla

In contradiction to that his asus died recently (approx 4mo ago) and my generic tractor trailer with built in sonic boom noise lives on… so HA

Another note…
My girlfriend has a creative dvd-rom, it sucks ass, doesnt read half the burns I make on my lite-on or that she makes on her samsung burner. When installing XP using the creative as primary master it doesnt read the damn original and crashes halfway through the setup. Oh yea, and it plays like half the dvd’s on the market. Funniest was “The Stand” by stephen king, in which its double sided and the creative played side B, but wouldnt even recognize side A. And my girfriends brothers creative dvd-rom (diff model) recognized side A yet not side B. What more can I say